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Weather Message Client


The above screen shows a view of a received weather message using the Message client.  The View Alarm List button displays a window that shows all of the current weather alarms and their expiration times.

Product List


A floating product list box allows you to see the recently alarmed weather messages.  You can click on the product to view the message text or image.

Product File List

The Request File List box allows you to see all of the messages, for a specific type, that have been issued.  You can click on the product to view or have the message text read using the text to speech processor. 


WxImage - Weather Graphics

The above screen shows a weather image that was received through EMWIN.  Weather graphics can be animated to show the progress of weather systems.


 Radar Retriever - WxRadar

WxRadar can be used to retrieve radar images from NOAA.  These images can be processed by Weather Message and viewed with WxImage.


Weather Message Map

The above screen shows a view of active weather alarms in the state of Alabama.  This image was taken during a severe weather outbreak in November 2001.  Weather Message Map uses GIS technology which allows you to position the map to anywhere in the United States.  The map data is provided by the National Weather Service.  

This screen shows the mouse over identification message.  When the mouse is positioned over a county, the balloon window pops up and shows the county name and any alarms.

Weather Message PDA

WxPda is a Message Client designed for the PDA.  It runs on Microsoft Pocket PC or Windows Mobile.

Weather Message Server

The Weather Message Client and Map are powered by the Weather Message Server.  This server receives and decodes the weather messages.  The received messages are compared to the types of messages that you want to receive.  When a message matches, it is sent to the Message and Map clients.  In addition, the server can email or page a group of people using short text messages.  Weather Message includes software that will page individuals or groups using the TAP, SNPP, or WCTP protocol.  It also features an interface to PageGate.