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Sound Files

 TitleCreated DateSize
Air Siren - Electronic8/31/2012150.13 KB
Air Siren - Mechanical8/31/2012250.85 KB
EAS Warning Tone Long8/31/20121.57 MB
EAS Warning Tone Short8/31/2012823.54 KB
Three Beeps8/31/201228.32 KB

Other Downloads

Sample WxWords.dat - For Parsing Messages

Here is a sample WxWords.dat file created by the late Tom Moore, WX4TM.  Right click on the following link and select "Save Target As". WxWords.dat  After this file has downloaded, copy it to your ..\WxMesg directory, overwriting the existing WxWords.dat.

Map Landmarks

If you want to see the position for each Radar Site, Weather Forecast Office, and Weather Service Office, download the following following file for the version of Weather Message that you have installed.  Right click on the following link and select "Save Target As".

For Version 3.x 

Save it to your Weather Message directory.  For version 3.0, "
C:\Program Files\WxMesgNet".    This will overwrite any existing landmarks.

The radar sites show up in black, weather forecast offices in green, and weather service offices in black.  If the radar site is located at the weather service office, it will be displayed in black.

Thanks to Jeremy Ruck, WM9C, for providing this landmark file.  He gathered and entered the information for each of the 229 sites.

Java Applet to Scroll Text

If you like the scrolling text on our sample weather page, you can implement that feature by using this java applet.  These applets were found on the web and are provided without any support .

Vertical text scrolling -
Horizontal text scrolling -