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EMWIN Retransmission

Retransmission Basics

The EMWIN data stream can be broadcasted locally using VHF or UHF radio frequencies.  In addition, you can rebroadcast the EMWIN data on the internet or a private network.  In order to rebroadcast EMWIN data on a VHF or UHF frequency, you must have a valid FCC license for that purpose.  In some areas frequencies are hard to obtain.

The following frequencies are provided by the National Weather Service to rebroadcast EMWIN, 163.300, 163.325, 163.350, 168.7125, and 168.8125 MHz.  For information on the application process to obtain one of these frequencies, go to the EMWIN Radio Broadcast web page.

Transmitters certified for use on the NOAA frequencies can be obtained from Skywarn Systems, Inc.  For information and pricing, send email to Ray Bartik.



Retransmission - VHF/UHF

The first modifications to the original 32-bit, 10 priority, retransmission software has been completed.  This program has been rewritten to take advantage of features not available in the original development.  A number of improvements have been made to enhance program stability and reliability.  It now works with  Weather Message software.

You can use WxRadar to retrieve radar images from NOAA and include them in your local retransmission data.  You can also use WxLocal to retrieve local weather conditions for inclusion in your retransmission data.

Retransmission - Internet

The original Byte Blaster server has been updated to improve program stability and reliability.  It now works with Weather Message software.

This software allows you to contribute to the EMWIN Internet distribution network by redistributing the weather data packets.  If you have bandwidth to spare, consider setting up WxBBSrvr as a service to other EMWIN users.  Not only will you be providing a service, you will add redundancy to the EMWIN Internet distribution.   



The retransmission programs are being offered FREE to the EMWIN community.  You are licensed to use these programs for free, by following these conditions.  1.  The programs can only be used to retransmit EMWIN data and local content.  2. People receiving your retransmitted data do not have to pay a fee, to you, for the weather data.

WxRadar is not included in the free license, it is licensed on a per site basis.  Purchasing a license for Weather Message will automatically license WxRadar.  To obtain a license without Weather Message, please use our
contact form to send an email.