Please Wait a Moment

The National Weather Service terminated the EMWIN internet feed on December 2, 2019.  

The EMWIN Internet feed was brought back on-line January 22, 2022.  This is a private initiative that is not associated with the National Weather Service.

We recommend that users continue to use Weather Wire as their primary data source with EMWIN Internet enabled.

Welcome to the Weather Message website.  We offer specialized software to decode and process National Weather Service messages.  This software can be used to provide weather information and storm alerts to local governmental agencies, broadcasters, schools, and private groups. 

The following software products are available.

Weather Message Software - This is our weather alerting software package. Weather Message uses the National Weather Service's EMWIN, Weather Wire, or NOAAPort data stream.

Retransmission Software - This software package is used to broadcast weather data locally by radio or internet.

Weather Message Local Weather Conditions - This software package is used to obtain weather observations from around the world.

Weather Message Siren Controller - This software application will activate your outdoor warning sirens using polygons.  County and Local governments can now easily take advantage of the polygons included in warning products.  Our siren controller will only activate the sirens inside the warned polygon area.

emPager Pro TM - This is our stand-alone paging application.  Send messages to cell phones, email address, pagers and Mototrbo™ radios.  This is an ideal and easy to use application for dispatch centers.

Review our software products by clicking on the links. We think you will discover why Weather Message is becoming one of the most widely used weather alerting software packages.