Weather Message Beta

Version 4.5 Beta

 Weather MessageWxMesgNetUpdB457.exe   9-14-2019

Clients Only           - WxClientsNetFullB457.exe    9-14-2019

To successfully install this Weather Message Beta, you must be running version 4.4.  WxLocal, WxDataSave, and WxRetran, if used, must be updated at the same time.

Version 4.5 requires the Microsoft.Net Framework 4.8. Supported systems: Windows 10 Build 1607 and newer, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 SP1, Windows Server, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.

Version 4.5 will not work with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or older operating systems.

 Preliminary Release Notes


9/14/2019 (7196)


1.    Added “$NwsUrl$” variable.  This will insert a link to the NWS product hosted on the NWS website.


1.    Changed the read message routine to ignore the latitude and longitude lines.


1.    Changed the read message routine to ignore the latitude and longitude lines. 


1.   Added the Use Parish option.  This option, when checked, changes “county” to “parish”. 


1.   Added $ProductId$ variable.  This variable will insert the 6 character product id.  
2.   The FTP Ingest option now has options for text files and image files.


1.   Implemented FTP ingest for HRIT/EMWIN.  This drops support for the old EMWIN server. 
2.   The FTP Ingest menu option now supports the new file durations.  Two, six, and twenty minutes, 1 hour and 3 hours for text files.  Fifteen minues, 1 hour and 3 hours for image files. 
3.   The startup ftp ingest option now retrieves the 3 hour text and image files.

8/14/2019 (7165)

1.  Updated Weather Wire to address a problem with the new Maryland backup server.  The program will now using SASL/PLAIN for authentication.  Added options to change this should it be needed in the future.

8/11/2019 (7162)


1.    Corrected an issue that caused the data resumed message to be continuously sent.

8/1/2019 (7157)

1.    Updates the system for new zones.


1.    Updated the map layers for new zones. (Download the map layers update for the new files.)




1.    Upgraded Twitter to support TLS 1.2. 



1.    Added data loss alert capability.  The software will generate an ADMWXM message when the software has not received data after the user defined number of minutes.


1.    Added an error that occurred when the product list had no items to remove.


11/26/2018 (6900)


1.    Addressed an issue with Jackson County Florida's zone centoid.


11/13/2018 (6891)

All Programs

    1.  Updated the TCP/IP component to address an issue with DNS lookups.


10/28/2018 (6875)


1.    Added a Stop Processing option on the Alarm setup.  When this option is checked, Weather Message will not process any alarms following this alarm.

2.    Added a Multicast option on the Alarm’s Client/Map/X10 tab.  This will instruct the Weather Message to multicast this message to other Weather Message Server instances running on the local network.


8/9/2018 (6825)

All Programs

1.    Upgraded all programs to framework 4.7.1

2.    Upgraded TCP/IP Components to the latest release. (Removed the requirement for a special SSL version of the components.)



1.    Now uses the framework decompression routines.



1.    Now uses the framework decompression routines.